What is coaching?

Coaching is an art utilized to assist people in their personal and professional development growth process. It's otherwise known as Life-Career Development.

A coach helps you to:

  • Set higher and more rewarding goals.
  • To develop strategies to achieve goals.
  • Provides support through out this process.

The experience is not unlike having a personal trainer or an athletic coach...it's transformational in a personal and career sense. Goals are achieved more easily and quickly as a result of partnering with a Life-Career Coach.

When does coaching work?

You might be asking yourself "would coaching work for me?" Here is how you might be feeling:

  • You're ready, willing and able to grow.
  • You feel there is a gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

Will coaching really help me?

Successful clients find value in sharing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with their professional Life & Career Coach. This enables them to better understand themselves and ultimately create momentum and achieve their goals.

Coaching works because of three key factors:

  • Synergy:
    Client and coach become a team, focusing on the client's goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone.
  • Structure:
    With a coach, the client takes more actions, thinks higher and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability the coach provides.
  • Expertise:
    Your professional coach will help you establish a foundation to achieve goals in life. Through problem solving, decision making, and proper planning — your coach will help you to restructure your life for maximum success.

What will coaching do for me?

  • Become more self aware in many aspects
  • Understand relationship needs and dynamics
  • Plan and strategize how to reach unique Life & Career goals
  • Integrate personal Life & Career for balance
  • Prioritize actions and projects
  • Training, developing and managing others
  • Problem solve effectively
  • Turn around a difficult situation
  • Bring about change
  • Be resilient in coping with Life & Career changes

What can ABC offer me?

Meet Coach Ann

Coach Ann Hogan

"One of my personal desires is that every adult who is a role model to children & youth, has the essential life-career skills required for all to enjoy successful relationships, lives & careers."

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