Ultimate Guide To Success e-Book

I had the pleasure of contributing to a collaborative writing of an e-Book entitled Ultimate Guide to Success, where 80 coaches share their biggest secrets.

The Ultimate Guide to Success e-Book is packed with Life-Career Lessons.
It shares some of the most powerful ideas for Success in all Life and Career Areas including Personal, Relationships and Business.
You will finally have some professional tools to gain the success you’ve been wanting and didn’t know how to attain.

In this 434 page Ultimate Success Guide e-book, you’ll discover simple, direct, and effective coaching advice for improving virtually every aspect of your life. Take a look now at some of the contributions included…


My own contribution:How to Succeed by Using a Wholistic Approach to Life?

By  Ann Hogan

Letting Go of Anxiety in Minutes By Elaine Sum

Your Discovery Channel: How to find a midlife career direction that fires your passion, fits your personality, and fills your pocket! By Kathy Britchenauer

How to Live a Prosperous Life Right Now! By Christine Loff

How to Overcome Difficult People, the Executive’s Way By Carla Schnitker

How to Land a Great Coach “ Strategies for Success By Kimberly Gale

The Ultimate Financial Guide: Bringing your Financial World Together Simply By Sheila Hutchinson

Ten Tips for creating a lifelong web of friends by networking By Susan Feder

Time Management Secrets: How To Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time By Valerie Thomson

How To Value Your Time And Change Your Business From A Job To A Saleable Asset By Dr. Greg Chapman

How to SUCCESSFULLY – Survive a Burnout!! By Helena Clift

Build a Broader Coalition to Expand Your Piece of the Pie By Kayte Connelly

Your Performing Edge: Mind-Body Fitness Guide By Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

How to Replace the 5 Benefits of Work When You Retire By Jane Hardwick

How to Focus on Your Strengths and See Your Doubts Disappear By Janet Bowen

Surviving a Life-Threatening Disease By Renee Alexopoulos

HOW TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE IN RETIREMENT: Six Questions to Ask Yourself NOW By Kay Goldberg

Set Your Inner Elder Free: How to Unleash Your Inner Elder…and Why Your Life’s Second Half Depends on You Getting It Right! By Gail McConnon

The Successful Mindset: How to Think Like a Winner By Suzanne Lieurance

Energetic Leadership By Janice Bastani

How To Cut Through The Clutter. Seven Tips To Help You Find Bliss And Productivity By Pam Bryan

How to Develop Your Millionaire Mindset By Dr. Patricia A. Cardner

How To Overcome The Pitfalls Of Perfectionism And Achieve Success Faster! By Gabriella Caldwell-Miller

‘On The Go’ Foods That Fuel You In Five Easy Steps By Randi Cestaro

Tap Into the Law of Attraction to Lose Weight without Dieting By Andrea Amador

FEAR BUSTING: How to Move Past Fear and Achieve Success in Your Career and Life By Nancy Horwitz

Trouble Creating A Product? How to discover your Product Creation Style and leverage it to create products faster, more easily and more economically. By Maiya Rose Benda

How to Transform Relationships from Good Enough…to Great! By Ellen Grinstead

Sing Yourself Healthy: Using Your Voice to Increase Your Energy and Improve Your Life By Gwen Chappell

IS CLUTTER KILLING YOUR SPIRIT? How to Get Clutter-Free and Regain Your Life By Terry S. Atkinson

The Ultimate Guide to Success: How to Free the Indomitable Human Spirit By Lorraine King-Markum

The Power of Permission: (Sometimes all you need is a little permission to create the life you want)By Jacqueline Wales

How to be an effective manager: the three powers every manager must wield By Loretta Love Huff

Power Parenting: 10 Steps Toward a Peaceful Home By BJ Moorer

How to Increase Your Confidence in 3 Steps By Alana Clow

Negotiating with Integrity: Keys to Success Without Selling Your Soul By Carrie Gallant

How to Have Your Retirement Income Outlive You By Anita Kirkman

Creating a Business Doing What You Love By Barbara Didion

How to Recognize your Personal Patterns and improve your Communication By Narelle Shamrock

How to Leverage your Faith and Spiritual Gifts in your Life and Business By Tressa Ryan The U Factor: 6 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life Authentically By Shawntel McBride

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