The Relaxed Look – It’s a choice!

Something to consider at this time of year…

How familiar are you with the “harried” look ? I’m sure you know the look. It’s the distressed look of “I’m never going to get done what I have to get done in a day/ a week/ a year /a lifetime!” look. It’s the “I’m never going to make it there on time!” or the “I’m about to fall apart!” look.
Isn’t it ironic that in today’s fast paced, ever changing, high speed of information & technology world, that what “harried” people need the most is to take time. Rather I should say, to manage time, to SLOW DOWN , to literally catch their breath and to spend quality time in relaxation by their self, with a friend or with family.
It’s great to take a vacation period and/or a trip to get away from it all when you are able. What about when that is not possible for various reasons? How can a person cope with all of modern day & life’s changes and stressors on a daily basis?
Please consider this…If you are feeling “harried” or “stressed out” and are having difficulty coping well, start taking 10-15 minutes a day to engage in some form of deeper than usual relaxation. Take a break  to do relaxing exercises, take a walk, listen to soothing music, meditate, journal, pray, have a laugh, take a bath or take part in a healing treatment. Do whatever healthy activity slows you down long enough to breathe deeply. Start with three deep breaths. When you allow yourself to relax on a consistent basis, building up to perhaps a half hour to an hour a day, you will eventually regain energy, be able to think & solve problems more creatively, plan more effectively etc. You might even have FUN. You deserve it !
How do you think such a change might impact your relationships both at work and at home?

Do you want to appear & feel “harried and stressed out” or “relaxed and well“? Your choice !

 Manage Your Time Well - Slow Down and Breathe for Balance in Your Life-Career!

Authored by Ann Hogan

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