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Hello all,

I consider my approach to coaching a wholistic approach and recently I met Lars Gustafson who I am excited to tell you a little about, also because of his wholistic approach  and because of a program he has to offer you-for FREE.

Lars is the founder of The BodyMind Institute
as well as an Author, Speaker, Life & Nutrition Guide

Born in East India to Canadian parents, Lars spent his childhood living an authentic mix of tribal and western life. This upbringing created a balance between the scientific passion of the west and the ancient wisdom of the Far East. Lars has spent 23 years exploring and developing nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and personal development programs.
In 2002, he founded The BodyMind Nutrition System™ to bring you the principles of nutrition that connect the physical and mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of life.  
On Lars website for the Body Mind Institute, he is offerring a FREE STUDENT PASS which includes free access to his Body Mind Renewal program.

I have taken the Body Mind Renewal program and found the 4 page questionnaire very valuable .It takes into consideration your 1)Nutrient factors 2)Digestive & Intestinal Health Factors 3)Exercise/Activity/Lifestyle Based Factors 4)Internal & External Toxicity Factors  and 5)Mental /Emotional/Spiritual Factors.

Consider the questionnaire as a tool and the accompanying information in the program as a guidance system to help you make empowering decisions, along with your doctor or health and wellness professional, to make positive changes in your life.

The Body Mind Renewal program is valued @ $197 and is available FREE with a FREE STUDENT PASS on the Body Mind Institute website. Enjoy!

Coach Ann Hogan


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