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Introduction to Body Mind Institute

Hello all, I consider my approach to coaching a wholistic approach and recently I met Lars Gustafson who I am excited to tell you a little about, also because of his wholistic approach  and because of a program he has to offer you-for FREE. Lars is the founder of The BodyMind Institute
as well as an Author, Speaker, Life & [...]

Life Purpose and Career: Interview with Ann Hogan

Ann Hogan is a professional Life-Career Coach with 20+ years of combined life-career experience as a student, medical lab tech, parent, school and community volunteer, facilitator & Certified Life Skills and Career Development Coach.
“One of my personal desires is that every adult who is a role model to children & youth, has the essential life-career skills required for all to enjoy successful relationships, lives & careers,” is what she says about herself.
We asked her 10 questions about career and finding life purpose sent by the readers of The One Question.

1. Have you found your life purpose? How?

Yes-I believe that my life purpose has evolved to the point where I know I am meant to be a coach, to assist other people to find their life-career satisfaction/success also.

I did a spiritual gift inventory after I became a professional coach and the results indicated that my top 2 gifts were compassion & teaching. I felt very validated by that.

I found my purpose as a coach through a series of processes. The most important point, I think, is that I took the time to reflect on my life experiences.

After raising our children in partnership with my husband and after working as a medical laboratory technologist for over 20 years, I came to a point of feeling “ burned out”. That negative state was a strong sign that something needed to change.

So, I took a leave from work and also attended a 3 day Career Planning workshop. The reflection process in the work shop was where I asked myself such questions as;

What activities were meaningful for me throughout the years, both personally & professionally?
o When did I feel proud/ have a sense of accomplishment? etc.

We did many activities including visualization in that workshop. I came away from the workshop knowing that I wanted to work directly with people, probably on a one to one basis so I could get to know people at a deeper level and to assist them in some way. However, I remained unsure of what my preferred career would be.

Then one day I planned on attending a Power Within seminar. I set an intention that day, as I entered the conference room full of several hundred people, that I would meet someone who would somehow assist me in moving forward with my career choice. I chose a row to sit in and a lady to sit beside. When I struck up a conversation at break time with that lady, she informed me that she was a Life Skills Coach. I loved what she had to say about being a coach and the rest is history. I found out where to get the education/training and I went back to college and earned a two year Life Skills & Career Development Coach diploma.

When I pay attention to my feelings, thoughts, and insights and when my experiences are in alignment with my purpose, I feel fulfilled.

The Relaxed Look – It’s a choice!

Something to consider at this time of year…

How familiar are you with the “harried” look ? I’m sure you know the look. It’s the distressed look of “I’m never going to get done what I have to get done in a day/ a week/ a year /a lifetime!” look. It’s the “I’m never going to make it there on time!” or the “I’m about to fall apart!” look.
Isn’t it ironic that in today’s fast paced, ever changing, high speed of information & technology world, that what “harried” people need the most is to take time. Rather I should say, to manage time, to SLOW DOWN , to literally catch their breath and to spend quality time in relaxation by their self, with a friend or with family.
It’s great to take a vacation period and/or a trip to get away from it all when you are able. What about when that is not possible for various reasons? How can a person cope with all of the modern day & life’s changes and stressors on a daily basis?

Work Smarter Not Harder: Attracting The Results You Want

All of us set goals – a new car or home, a new job or career, an education, or perhaps reaching for a long held dream. Goals come in all shapes and sizes. They mark a sense of accomplishment. We define what we want, we declare it to others around us, we work hard at reaching the goal, and we feel the sense of accomplishment, when we finally reach the goal.I want to make a few distinctions between how we set and get goals and how to begin to work smarter and not harder in the process. Here are three methods:

What is Your Risk Quotient?

“And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

Work as a coach encompasses helping people to take calculated risks that will move them outside of their comfort zones, in an effort to discover what may be possible that they could never see before, usually because they were too close to the subject at hand.

How many of us have stayed in an unsatisfactory job or relationship that was not fulfilling because it was too risky to make a necessary change? One very important fact that we forget to realize is, that change does not have to be all encompassing. Change can be in steps, we do not have to quit our job and struggle to find the next path. We do not have to throw away our relationship and look for a new partner. Taking the steps can feel risky but can open doors to satisfaction and success.

Ultimate Guide To Success e-Book

Ultimate Guide To Success
I had the pleasure of contributing to a collaborative writing of an ebook entitled Ultimate Guide to Success.

The Ultimate Guide to Success e-Book is packed with Life-Career Lessons.
It shares some of the most powerful ideas for Success in all Life and Career Areas including Personal, Relationships and Business.
You will finally have some professional tools to gain the success you’ve been wanting and didn’t know how to attain.

In this 434 page Ultimate Success Guide e-book, you’ll discover simple, direct, and effective coaching advice for improving virtually every aspect of your life. Take a look now at some of the contributions included…

Create Your A-Team

Create Your A Team Have you ever thought about how successful people maintain their high levels of success and keep motivating themselves to go ever higher? I have worked with successful individuals and companies and I would like to share with you one of their secrets to success. This concept can be used to increase [...]